Inflatable hot tub Spa

Inflatable hot tub 

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  • Size 73.00 x 49.00 x 59.00 cm
    Weight35.00 kg



    MaterialLaminated PVC 
    Outer Dimensionsφ 1.8 m*65cm φ1.98m*65cm 
    Inner Dimensionsφ1.44m*65cm φ1.62m*65cm 
    Seating2-4 persons4-6 persons
    Water Capacity720L920L
     Bubble Jet Holes130 jets150 jets
    Heating Increasing Rate2.5°C-3°C/h2°C-2.5°C/h
    Pumpexternal pump
    Control System220-240V, 50HZ (EU)/110-120V,60HZ(US)
    Message Bubble power700W
    Filter Pump45W/450gal
    Inflation time2minutes
    Power Cable500cm
    Full Set includesinflatable *1                                                                                    
    external pump*1
    Dust cover*1
    Connecting pipe*3
    Inflatable tube*1
    Water pipe*1
    Filtering the lid*3
    Filter element and the box containing the filter element*1
    Air plug wrench*1
    repair patch and patches*1


    Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories


     Air Leak Test

    Each inflatable spa tub will be tested twice for any possible leakage problem.、
    Strength Test
    Each batch of material undergoes a long-term strength test. Make sure there are no problems with the material.


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