Kudooutdoors Black Aluminum Kayak Rack

Kudooutdoors Black Aluminum Kayak Rack

  • Product Model : 1001003
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1.  This  kayak roof rack is specially designed for car top use, to carry kayaks and canoes, and other stuff easily and conveniently.

2.  The unique design of this model of kayak rack is that it is completely foldable. which saves you a lot of storage space when stocking.

3. This kayak roof rack is also considerate enough to protect your kayaks or canoes by adding soft foams on it. So that your boats would not be damaged from the metal scratches.

4. This is not just a kayak roof rack, it is a solution for those who want to paddle far away from home, who love paddling outdoors, and who like enjoy the passion of life on waters.

Kayak Rack
Item number1001003
Regular colourSilver, black.
Fixing systemscrews, tie-down straps
Weight2.5 KG

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